July 19 & 20 Charter Staging and Camping Information

Welcome to Keokuk, Iowa. This information is for those of you who will be arriving in our city on July 19 & 20 to catch buses to Council Bluffs to begin your cycling adventure. We hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to your safe return on your bicycles on Saturday, July 27.
Each of the clubs and charter companies that will be carrying you and your bikes to Council Bluffs will be assigned to specific staging locations at various schools, churches, businesses, or parks. We have not yet determined them all, but will notify you of your assigned staging location when we mail you your weeklong parking pass. The staging locations will also be published on our website.
When you arrive in Keokuk on July 19 or 20, you should drive directly to your assigned staging area to sign in with your club or charter and to load your bicycles onto their trucks. Your weeklong parking will be at the same location. When you return to Keokuk on July 27, you will ride your bicycles back to the same spot, where your baggage will be waiting for you.
After you have signed in and loaded your bicycles on July 19, we welcome you to explore our city or try a local restaurant. Those lucky folks who got hotel reservations can check in!
The free campground will be located at the YMCA and high school area at 2126 Plank Road. Restrooms and showers will be open at both facilities. There will be food available July 19 at the campground, a hot breakfast will be served on July 20, and we are planning to have sack brunches available for the 5 hour bus ride to Council Bluffs. Please indicate on the parking registration form if you will want these meals.
We are working on arranging “indoor camping” at churches and schools near the campground for a small fee. If you are interested in this option, please indicate so on the parking registration form.
On Saturday morning July 20, you will drive your cars back to your assigned staging areas to park for the week and to board your buses. Please allow plenty of time before the buses leave to get your vehicles all parked.
You must complete a Weeklong Parking Registration Form in order to leave your car in Keokuk during the week, and only vehicles belonging to officially registered RAGBRAI riders will be accepted. We are arranging for local organizations to patrol the parking areas in cooperation with the Keokuk Police Department. Please complete the form and mail or email it to us as soon as possible.